Juvenile Female Red Rump Grass Parrot comes for a short stay

14th  Dec 2023

In the morning of dec 2023 I got a call from Alba, a neighbour about 10k away also living on Cullingral Rd. She has two Maremma dogs. The younger one is a bit of a handful and makes a habit of pouncing on unsuspecting birds.

The  dog had pounced on this young female bird pulling out all her long tail feathers. Red-rump parrots feed mainly on the ground .they feed on native grass seeds and have also developed a taste for introduced seeds of weeds. The male has a noticeable red rump , the female is darker , a plainer olive colour.

A pair of Red-Rump Grass Parrots

I put the little female into a large shade cage then began making some calls to see if anyone else might have one in care. Being a flock bird, I was not happy about having her alone. No one in our wildlife group had one in care but the lovely Belinda Wilson had young rosellas that she had cared for from babies.  She had one that had begun cracking seed so we decided that my red-rump could be buddied with her. I delivered the bird to Belinda. They made friends so Belinda was going to keep them in care together till ready for release.

Belinda is very caring person .When I last spoke with her, she had just taken on 2 young donkeys that needed a home!