Thank You Wormie and Duke

Seeing animals that you have raised from babies return briefly to show you how well they doing makes it all worthwhile. Duke (already named when passed to me) & The Worm (named because she was a wriggler) were here as babies and raised together. They came in at the end 2017 and were free living  in early 2019.

Duke and Worm free living but still hanging around the homestead.

Nov 2019 Wormie came for a brief visit with a baby in the pouch and Duke also. Duke was to young to have fathered a baby but he had clearly found Worm.

Wormie visits with baby in pouch and Duke in tow !

So wonderful to see that despite losing her own mother she had become one and was successful. She returned again in 2020 and 2021.

Worm with baby at heel

A beautiful healthy baby

Then sometime later night visit , look at that big baby now and big mama!

We still see Duke who is a big buck now and also Billy who is enormous . Billy is about 12 years old now and appears occasionally and sometimes Duke is with him ” the bachelors ” .

Baby Billy

Billy now – just thought id pop in and eat some of this grain , as I remember it was quite good stuff!